7 Daring Social Media Ideas for Halloween!

Halloween may seem like a fun occasion for kids to dress up as scary characters and go out for trick or treating and for adults to enjoy Halloween themed parties, but businesses can join in as well. Halloween is a great opportunity to market your business and have some fun at the same time. Below we have come up with 7 terrifying but effective ideas for Halloween that will scare your competitors away! 1. Fancy Dress Your Profile It’s time to get involved with the festivity of Halloween, so why not showcase this on your social media accounts. Change your profile and header image to go with the theme and start interacting with your followers by liking and commenting on their Halloween related posts and adding gruesome emojis. 2. Let’s get futuristic and use VR! The marketing possibilities of VR are ‘virtually’ endless. Utilise the technology to give your users a purposeful quality experience, where they can uncover some of your products in a spooky treasure hunt. 3. Get your followers to start snapping! Take this opportunity to interact with your audience by hosting a photo contest using Snapchat as it’s one of the fastest growing photo sharing platforms. Encourage your followers to share their Halloween creations and as an incentive, offer each participant a special discount code to use online or in-store. 4. Everyone loves to dress up As this is a fun occasion, it’s important to show your followers what you’re doing for Halloween as everyone loves a behind-the-scenes. So why not share pictures of your Halloween celebrations in the office: show-off your team’s fancy dresses; spook your audience out with the office make-over and scary props and give them a taste of any ‘creepy’ cakes and Halloween treats you’re indulging in. This will give a human touch and personality to your brand which will instantly make you more approachable and relatable. 5. Get your viewers to vote! If you’re not aware, Instagram have recently added polls on Instagram stories. So now you can conduct Halloween related polls throughout the day and engage with your viewers with spooky and frightening questions. As well as this, they’ve added a new ‘Superzoom’ feature and creepy face filters for you to make the most of on your Instagram stories. 6. It’s time for a takeover Depending on your type of business, it may be worth hiring a social influencer to take over your brand and use your social media platform to interact directly with your audience. Whether it’s the social influencer doing a live Halloween Q&A special or commenting on shared posts and pics, this will generate a buzz and hopefully introduce a new following to your brand. Alternatively, Instagram have recently integrated video calls as shared stories, so why not collaborate with an influencer to trick and treat your audience in a shared Instagram story. 7. Send a treat bag to your dream customers If hiring a social influencer is too costly, why not send a treat bag to your dream customers who has a great following on social media and they can reciprocate your kind gesture by giving you a shout out on their social media. This would ignite interest from people who may not fully be aware of your brand and as a result, generate new customers for your business. If you’re in need of any more social media hints, tips or advice, give us a shout here.

5 Social Activation Ideas to Get Your Followers Engaged

As digital marketers, we fully understand the depth of opportunities that are available in social media marketing. Yet, we still find ourselves scratching our heads for creative campaign ideas and often go no further than simply posting regular content. So, we’re here to save the day and present 5 great ideas that will get your audience engaged, build your brand advocacy and increase your exposure. 1. Surprise and Delight Everyone loves a treat and this small gesture can brighten up someone’s day, which is why Surprise and Delight campaigns work so well. There are so many creative ways to execute them, from targeting the general social media user to an influencer. For maximum returns, be sure to pick users who complement your core target audience and are likely to become strong brand advocates. It will, of course, help if they have an engaged user base, but sometimes picking (relevant) users at random can make the general audience feel more special, and less differentiated. 2. Using art for Instagram exposure If there’s one thing for certain about the modern-day smartphone user, it’s that they love capturing the moment. So, use this to your advantage, especially if you have access to outdoor space (legally or with permissions of course). Make the most of your outside space and get passers-by engaged with an irresistible arty exterior. Make sure you have a strong plan and strategy in place, starting with a dedicated hashtag, and possibly even getting the campaign kicked off with a few micro-influencers. This tactic will work best for restaurants and bars, gyms, spas, studios and retail boutiques. 3. Giveaways Giveaways can significantly help grow your following in a short space of time and build brand engagement on your social channels. Partner up with a non-competing brand that complements your business to offer a prize package of your most popular products. You can even run a contest to encourage virality. Make sure you have a goal in mind, whether it’s to increase your following, capturing user data or even user generated content. This brings us on to… 4. User generated content (UGC) Running campaigns to gather user generated content, is not only great for engagement, but can also help aesthetically enhance your social feeds and provide you with reusable content in the long run. Get your audience involved and excited with discount codes in exchange for UGC. This will not only result in content that you can repurpose, but can also help persuade your followers to become customers. 5. Influencer marketing Partner up with a relevant influencer reflective of your brand, with a large following in your target market. Together, you can run a live stream consisting of an activity, such as unboxing of a new product. You can also run a social media takeover, where the influencer posts on your channel for a day, and shows a ‘life in the day’ segment. But if this isn’t in line with your business, then why not use this partnership as an opportunity to gather reusable content from the influencer, or simply send them products to test and review with their followers. Whichever one of our campaign ideas you decide to implement, be sure to have a goal, plan and strategy in place so you make the most of it.