Google Favours Mobile Friendly Websites

Google have announced that they have started indexing and ranking pages on their search engine based on the mobile versions of websites rather than desktops. This change may not seem like a big deal for a regular user but for a brand, this is something that needs to be taken into consideration especially if Google view mobile versions as more in sync with the current browsing trend. Google stated in 2015 that mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches in certain parts of the world and the trend has continued to the present but on a more global scale. Google started experimenting a year and half ago with mobile-first indexing to help majority of mobile users find what they’re looking for. Mobile friendliness has always played a part in how Google ranks web pages in their search engines. For example, pages that are mobile friendly will rank higher in mobile searches rather than websites that are not. Google has a single index that will support both mobile and desktop searches but websites that only have desktop versions will continue to be included in the Google’s index based on their desktop sites. If your website is not quite mobile friendly, do not fear as content gathered through mobile-first indexing will have no ranking advantage over content that’s not gathered in this way yet. But this is an indication to make sure that your website is mobile friendly as it will only enhance your visibility in search results especially if most of your customers are using mobile or tablets to acquire your product/services. Also, it is important to ensure that the loading speed of your pages meet Google’s criteria as it will be a major factor in your search ranking results for both mobile and desktop websites. If you need help with building a website that’s mobile friendly, get in touch with us.

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