Snapchat Introduces Context Cards

Snapchat have debuted a new feature today called Context Cards. This is a new way for users to get information about a local place/business that their followers are snapping about. The new feature lets the user swipe up to get more detailed information about the physical location from the snap they’ve received or viewed on Snap Map – a curated map showing snaps that were submitted to ‘Our Story’ from around the world. So let’s say for example, one of your friends has snapped a mouth-watering meal at a fancy restaurant and you need to know where it is – the Context Card will have details of the location, menu, reviews, booking information and even the option to book a cab to get to the destination. Now, you must be thinking these are some amazing features and how are they all connected as one function – well, there’s a reason for this. Snapchat have partnered with Uber, Lyft, TripAdvisor, FourSquare, Michelin, Goop, OpenTable, Resy and Bookatable. This partnership will provide the best user experience for snappers, who can now plan their daily lives from the click of a button. If you would like to view the official Snapchat ad for Context Cards – press play!

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