How Your Business Can Make the Most of Instagram…

With Instagram being owned by Facebook, the continuous addition of new features and improvements comes as no surprise. As marketers and businesses, we’re given more flexibility and luxury to make the most of all the updates, with the latest being Instagram’s new polling feature. This latest update allows us to improve the user experience through an interactive poll sticker in Instagram stories. The poll gives you the opportunity to ask your friends and followers two-option questions, and view your results in real-time. Unlike Twitter polls, Instagram will reveal the participants and their chosen options. So as a business, how can you make the most of Instagram’s new polling feature? Well we have a few suggestions that may do the trick: Get instant feedback from customers The new polling feature will help businesses receive instant responses in real time which is fantastic as it will be quick, easy and less time consuming when gathering feedback and insights. Learn more about your audience Get to know your fanbase and use Instagram stories as a market research channel. Find out your followers’ likes, dislikes and product reviews to help guide your new product launches. Identify engaged viewers – and keep them loyal! Instagram reveals the identity of voters and shows you what they voted for in the poll. So why not take this opportunity to engage, acknowledge and interact with your viewers and maintain their interest in your channel. Grow your email database You can use Instagram stories as a promotional channel to offer discounts and collect emails of followers wanting to opt in. Grow your email database and hopefully generate some sales through the promotional activity. Get interactive with competitions Instagram is a key channel for competitions – so why not incentivise your audience to participate in your polls, and select a winner at random. For example, if you’re a doughnut store, find out whether your audience prefer your chocolate swirl or strawberry cream doughnut, and select a winner at random to win an exclusive prize. Everyone’s a winner! Let us know in the comment box below if we’ve missed any other ways your business has tried, tested and made the most of Instagram polls!

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